The Brunette

Purpose of this site
This is a site about the journey that took my hair from Bra Strap Length to Classic and beyond! My aim originally was to grow it whilst maintaining great condition and having regular trims and using only truly natural treatments (not supposedly 'natural' products *wink*).
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My hair history
I had quite long hair as a child (around mid back) until 13 when I had a wavy bob, then I let it grow from about 15 and it grew pretty long until I had a pixie cut in my early 20s. I carried on growing my hair for a year or two before another pixie cut. A childhood gallery is up on the archive. I missed the feeling of long tendrils curling around my body, and it was April or May 2003 that I found the long hair websites and my inspiration grew!
My last salon trim was in May 2003 but I do my own trims now, when I think they are necessary.

22nd February 2017
I have had Classic length hair since early 2008 and some racers which made it to fingertip length! I just cut back to tailbone length to begin regular trimming while my thickness grows down. I had some thinning of the ends and found out I have been extremely anaemic, but the new growth since I have addressed this is getting longer! I've been hennaing since Sept 2010.
I haven't finished fixing all the pages here yet, some of them still point to the old geocities address but I did finally add a new guestbook to the site!
Feel free to sign the guestbook and let me know you visited! You should be viewing this site in frames (ie with a navigation area to the left with lots of links to other pages) - if you are not, please click here to view the site correctly, or on the flower in the top left corner at any time.
From time to time I will write articles with a particular theme. Some articles have been in the pipeline for a long time, I will get them put up soon though I promise!
The reason for this website - I simply needed a medium to document my progress, my targets, etc with the capacity to alter as I wish, cut and paste, change things about etc - something you cannot do with a notebook, and as I know a lot of people on the net who are like minded - I am happy to share with them :) Please think before you post rude or unkind comments in my guestbook.If you have no wish to be here then by all means don't feel you have to stay! For those who have found what they are looking for, you are very welcome to look around and I hope you find some use from my peculiar documentation!
brunette x



About me
I have a son and a daughter. I spend my time taking care of the family, house etc and have lots of side projects including making all my own natural cleansing products, soaps etc. I also read quite a lot and love music. I'm Reiki'd up to Master level! I enjoy crafts too and need to make more time to make things.
My hair is very fine in texture but there's lots of it, it is naturally wavy and I like all of my beauty products to be as natural as possible. I own a hairdryer with a cold setting, which I use carefully especially in Winter. If I were to define my hair for other long hair growers to compare to theirs, it is 2c-F-ii.
Please see the growth page for my hair measurements since I began to measure in June 2003 and find links to various past experiments, although I stopped measuring long ago! You can check up on my targets too by visiting the relevant page and there are lots of other sections I am trying to keep updated too. This site is solely about my hair journey, but I should eventually link to sister sites about other interests I have, if and when I get the time and inclination to build them, so stay tuned!
I hope you enjoy reading about my journey, visit often x

site created 14th September 2003